2011年、アサヒ・アートスクエアにて『John Cage "Musicircus" 』に参加(主催:足立智美)。
2014年、デンマークにて『Sakura Sound Festival』に初の日本人音楽家として出演。4カ所で演奏。
2015年、コペンハーゲンのレーベル『HIPSTER record』より「Riunione Dell’uccello」リリース。
2017年、デンマークのコペンハーゲンとオールボーにて「Cherry Music Festival」で出演。オールボーでは初の日本人音楽家として出演。2カ所で演奏。



After joining the club DJ, improvisation performance and contemporary music, he joined the theater company Trang. Act as an actor.
After leaving the department, I will start composing music in the play and activities by trumpet solo.
Held independent projects at Nishiazabu "BULLET'S" and Roppongi "SuperDeluxe" and continue.
Total of 5, participate in domestic and international omnibus sound sources.
In 2011, participated in "John Cage" Music circus "at Asahi Art Square (sponsored by Tomomi Adachi).
Between 2013 and 2015 a short tour will be held at NY (4 locations) and South Korea (3 locations).
In 2014, he appeared as the first Japanese musician in "Sakura Sound Festival" in Denmark. Performed at 4 places.
Released "Riunione Dell'uccello" from Copenhagen label "HIPSTER record" in 2015.
In 2017, she appeared at "Cherry Music Festival" in Copenhagen and Aalborg, Denmark. Appeared as the first Japanese musician in Aalborg. Performed in 2 places.
In addition, he is active in a wide range of performances, including stage music (OM - 2), improvisation performances (Mukai Thie, Eiichi Hayashi, Kunio Kuninaka), dance performances (Masako Fukaya, Yoko Muronoi)


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